About Me

Tal Revivo is 31 Years old and living in (NYC).

The best way to describe myself is as a serious photography enthusiast.  For years, I've dabbled with cameras and photography, but the love affair really blossomed with the introduction of digital photography.

Tal Revivo is Autodidact with years of experience in photography and art which was abroad in recent years and professionalism.
My professional in  Fashion, Makeup artist , Hairstyle, Life style and Advertising.

Customers are diverse, such as: 

"Schwarzkopf"  "Avi Malka"  "20ANS Magazine Paris"  "Laisha Magazine"  "Marriv"  "Le Journal Magazine"  "Tv – Israel"  "Loveme"  "Itzik Carasenti"   "Mako"  "Optica Cohen"  "YAYA"  "Zoog"  "Daniel Romi Kadosh" and many more.

I work with all the leading modeling agencies such as:
Look , July, MC2, Roberto and Elite Models.

Following their stay abroad Tal created a European style of photography and international standards.
The art appear on billboards, television, newspapers, magazines, CDs, Internet, and catalogs.

Please take your time to look around and I hope that one of my shots will make you stop, look and think "Perfect."
Since I started looking through the frame of a camera the world suddenly became a different place.
This days I work on big project in Israel and I start to work with few magazines in London and Paris.

Enjoy the pictures!
Email Me : As always I enjoy hearing from you.
For more information:

Phone: (+1) 347 348 5384  
Adress: 12 Desbrosses Street,
Manhattan NY 10003

Email: tal@talrevivo.com
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Tal Revivo